You will want to check your personal email (the one you provided SCU HR Dept.) and see if any notification from SCU concerning your eCampus credentials were mentioned. You would need to check your SPAM folder as well for anything related to Santa Clara University, eCampus, etc. 

The accounts that need to be set up for now:


MySCU portal login


If you checked both your personal inbox (or SPAM folder) and did not find any notifications, then contact the IT Help Desk at 408-554-5700 or email them at . Explain to the IT Help Desk your situation so that they can reset your eCampus password. They will most likely instruct you to follow this,

You can then enter your eCampus username and then enter you temp/initial password. If successful, then change your eCampus password immediately. Log out and log back in to test your newly created eCampus password.
Next, you will want to locate your SCU Electronic Info, i.e. MY SCU Portal network username/network ID and initial password. Instructions are here,
Now that you have your SCU Electronic Info, you will want to go to 
Enter SCU Network username and whatever initial password you obtained from your eCampus SCU Electronic info section. If successful, MySCU portal will immediately have you go through some security protocols to setup your account and change your password. One the setup is complete, you should be able to log into or be redirected to your MySCU portal page,

You will then see a bunch of portal applications. If you click on G Suite, then will take you into your SCU Email address inbox. Also, we highly recommend that you enroll in Duo, our Dual Factor Authentication system, and enroll. Instructions are here, 

*You will need Duo for other applications like Work Day, Concur, Zoom, Camino, etc.

Other important information, eCampus or Workday.