First and foremost, be informed on what exam taking software that SCU Law uses; why SCU Law offers this option to law students; and what formats are used in the SCU LAW process.

What is the vendor and platform that provides SCU LAW the ability to administer/manage in-class and/or remote exams?


What is the exam taking software that SCU LAW students need to use for in-class and/or remote exams?


Click here for: A collection of short how-to videos by Examsoft about registering, downloading an exam, starting an exam, navigating through questions, using other features during an exam, submitting your exam, and reviewing your results.
Why does SCU LAW use Examsoft platform and its exam taking software, Examplify?

SCU LAW follows the The State Bar of California exam taking process, which uses Examsoft and Examplify. Examsoft now has a state bar page.

SCU LAW Exam Formats
IN-CLASS: Exams are administered in Charney Hall classrooms and/or classrooms converted to accommodated exam rooms.

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REMOTE (Performance Assessment): All exams are administered remotely via Examplify and falls into two categories:

OPEN (non-scheduled, time-limited): You will be notified of the start date to download the Examplify exam template for your exam and will have a time limit, usually 24 hours to 168 hours (1 week) from when you download the exam template. Pay close attention to the due date and upload time, and plan accordingly. Check your exam instructions carefully.

SECURE (scheduled, same day): You will be notified of the date and time to download the Examplify exam template for your exam. You will need to upload your exam answers via Examplify the same day. Your exam template for SECURE/scheduled exams will only be available on the date and time noted in your exam instructions that was emailed to you. SECURE/scheduled exams  may use Examplify features 
Exam ID and Exam Monitor

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TAKE-HOME (Performance Assessment): Exams are administered via the Examsoft portal website via their upload/download process using Examsoft's "Drop Box" process. Take-home exams do not need the exam taking software, Examplify, to submit your exam file. Check your exam instructions that were emailed to you. Be mindful of the time limit and read your instructions carefully. Also, if you have issues with your browser, then click here for some helpful tips.

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