PREREQUISITE: Is your Mac OS and computer up to spec? Check here, exam taking software specs

NOTE: You will not need to install/update your Examplify installation until you get an official email notification from Law School student services and/or Law School Office of Assessment.


STEP 1 - Verify your Examsoft portal crendentials
Check to see if you can log into your Examsoft Exam taker portal to verify that your 11-Digit ID and password are working.

NOTE: First year law students will get their Exam taker portal credentials in September via email so you have plenty of time to install Examplify before your next midterm or final.



In the Exam Taker's login section, enter your 11-Digit Student ID and then your password. If you successfully access your Examsoft Exam taker user portal, then proceed to step 2.

NOTE: If you cannot log into your exam taker user portal page, then click on the link "Lost 11-digit Student ID and Password" to initiate a password recovery.

STEP 2 - Download the Install file
While still in your exam taker portal page, select the "Download" button to download the latest Examplify install file.
STEP 3 - Install Examplify
Double click on the Examplify install file (e.g. Examplify_LATEST_mac.dmg) in either your 'Downloads' folder. Double-click on the Examplify_SIGNED.pkg.
Examplify install File will detect if your current Mac OS-based computer is either powered by an Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU) or Apple's new M1 CPU.

If Examplify determines your current CPU is Intel, then simply select "Continue," and follow the prompts below. Otherwise, Examplify will prompt you to install Rosetta to ensure that Examplify can run on a computer powered by Apple's new M1 CPU. Once Rosetta is installed, then you can continue to install Examplify.

WARNING: If you select "Not Now," then Examplify will not install on your Mac OS-based computer powered by Apple's new M1 CPU.
 Click Continue.
Click Agree.
Click Install.
Enter your local Mac OS Profile password to allow Exampify installer to start the install process.
Allow the Installer to "System Events" by click on OK.
Examplify with launch to finish your install. Click "I Agree."
Next, Add New Account by typing in institution ID "sculaw" and then select Santa Clara University School of Law (sculaw)
Enter your 11-Digit ID and password
If successful, you will be redirected to the Examplify dashboard.
STEP 4 - Run a special mock exam to set up EXAM ID and EXAM Monitor (NOTE: EXAM ID/Monitor feature is not currently enabled for any exams for 2021 and beyond so skip)
Normally, you can run a standard mock exam, but for those who will be taking remote secure (scheduled) exams using the EXAM ID and EXAM Monitor feature, then select the exam template "Exam ID Setup mock exam Closed Book" and "Download"
Select the exam template "Exam ID Setup mock exam Closed Book" and check to see if the Exam ID and Exam Monitor are enabled. Check to make sure your 6-Digit Anonymous Grading ID (AGID) is listed. Next, enter the universal mock exam password, bronco5 
Select Get Started.
Accept the consent disclaimer.

NOTE: Read the consent disclaimer. If for any reason you don't want to agree to the disclaimer, select cancel and then contact the Office of Assessment to discuss alternatives. By default, it is mandatory that you write all your exams and Santa Clara Law provides the option to taking your exam electronically.
Click Next to allow camera access.
Click OK to allow to allow your Mac OS system to allow camera access to Examplify.
Click OK to allow your Mac OS system to allow microphone access to Examplify.
Click Open System Preferences to allow screen recording to Exampify.
Select Examplify under Privacy
Select Quit Now to finish the install.
Congratulations! You've installed Examplify on your Mac computer.

So what is there left to do? You will need to launch Examplify again and run the special mock exam, "Exam ID Setup mock exam Closed Book." Enter the universal password, bronco5, and follow the tutorial outlined below.

Setting up your Exam ID photo and run a mock exam