SCU Law's in-class exam format requires a student to set up and register their laptop computer to run Examplify. All Exams will then be administer and proctored in Charney Hall classrooms and designated testing rooms. 

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Prepare for an in-class exam: What is like to be in an in-class exam? Click on the video to find out.
Run a mock exam formats: Once you have installed Examplify on your laptop computer, you will want to run all mock exam formats to make sure your Examplify version is working correctly and to test drive Exampify's features and toolsets.

Register and Install: You will receive an email notification from the SCU Law Office of Assessment regarding your Examsoft portal credentials. You will need your 11-Digit ID and password contained in this email to register and install Examplify onto your laptop computer.
Mac OS

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