Exam SCU LAW remote exam format is split into two types: OPEN/Non-scheduled and SECURE/Scheduled.

Synchronous SECURE/scheduled means all exams are submitted via Exampify within a certain time window. However, that time window to download the exam template and upload the exam answer file is scheduled for the same day. The Law School Office to Assessment will send out a notification on the date and start/end time of your Secure/scheduled exam.

Asynchronous OPEN/non-scheduled means all exams are submitted via Examplify within a certain time range (3 hrs to 168 hrs). You will receive a notice from the Law School Office of Assessment about the date and time when your exam template will be available for download along with a due date and time to upload your exam answer file.

Register and Install: You will receive an email notification from Law Student Services (MFlynn@scu) regarding your Examsoft portal credentials. You will need your 11-Digit ID and password contained in this email to register and install Examplify onto your laptop computer.
Mac OS

Run all mock exam formats: Once you have installed Examplify on your laptop computer, you will want to run all mock exam formats to make sure your Examplify version is working correctly and to test drive Exampify's features and toolsets.