Version August 2023

1. Verify your registration with Examsoft.

If you are a first year student, then your official notification will be sent to you some time in September of the Fall semester. If you are unsure that you have been registered an Examsoft exam taker, then contact the Office of Assessment or Law School student services. For all returning 2L/3L/4L students, check your SCU inbox and search for any email notifications from the Office of Assessment. That email will contain your 11-digit ID and password.

IMPORTANT: Visit SCU LAW's exam taker portal page for registered SCU LAW students. You should be able to log into the portal with your 11-digit ID and password that was sent by Law Student Services. If your password doesn't work, then you can request to reset your password on the SCU LAW's exam taker portal page . Your password recovery email will be sent to your SCU email address.

2. Download the Examplify install file

After you have successfully logged into your Examsoft exam taker portal. click on the download button to download the latest Examplify install file.

3. Run the Examplify install file

Search for the install file (usually named Examplify_<version>.exe) and double click on it to start the install. At some point, it will run Examplify for the fist time to complete the install.

Examplify with launch to finish your install. Click "I Agree."
Next, Add New Account by typing in institution ID "sculaw" and then select Santa Clara University School of Law (sculaw)
Enter your 11-Digit Student ID and password for your Examsoft registration portal.
If successful, you will be redirected to the Examplify dashboard. Run all mock exams (password: bronco5) and/or download your exam templates. Make sure to check all emails from Office of Assessment and read them carefully.