University issued desktops and/or laptops will have SCU University Office Suite (currently 2016 version), i.e. Microsoft Enterprise site license. Alternatively, Office 365 EDU is available to faculty, staff, and students, but only for your personal computer. 

So for faculty and staff wanting to have subtitles in their Power Point presentations, your workaround is to open your PPTX file in the online version of Office 365 version. Create your Power Point presentation and then do the following. Until SCU IT upgrades their site license, subtitles feature, for now, will be only available to Office 365 EDU and Office 365 EDU online
STEP 1. Verify if you have a Office 365 EDU portal account using your SCU gmail address, e.g. If you already have an Office 365 EDU portal account, then skip this registration step, log into your Office 365 portal site and move on to STEP 2. 

If you don't have an Office 365 portal account, then do the following

 - Visit Office 365 EDU site and sign up using your email address. You will fill out some information, then it will send you an email (to your SCU inbox) with a code verification;
- Visit the Office 365 EDU site  to sign in with your as your ID and your password that you created during the Office 365 EDU registration, select Work or School account

STEP 2. Now that you have are in your Office 365 EDU portal site, click on One Drive

WARNING: As tempting as it is, DO NOT download Offfice 365 EDU install files onto your University issued desktop and/or laptop. Overwriting files will be blocked by University IT and other issues may arise from this install process, if attempted.
STEP 3. Create a new folder in OneDrive, e.g. "PPT" or anything you want. 
STEP 4Now go into your newly created folder and upload your PPTX file.
STEP 5. By clicking on the radio button to the left of the PPTX and then selecting "Open in browser."  You will open your PPTX file in the online version of Office 365 EDU.

Note: Never select "Open in app" or it will open the PPTX file using your local PowerPoint app.
STEP 6. Once you've open your PPTX in the Office 365 EDU online version, you can then go over to slideshow menu and notice the feature for subtitles is available to you.