We have not received any statements from the vendor, Examsoft, stating that the current version of Exampify has been verified with the upcoming Mac OS upgrade, aka Big Sur (Mac OS 11). For those running Mac OS 11 Beta, please be aware that Examplify may not run correctly (or at all) with beta software. It it not currently supported by Law Technology, Santa Clara University IT,  or the vendor, Examsoft, at this time. Please review Examsoft's current Mac OS requirements.

When SCU Law receives word from Examsoft and Santa Clara University IT (see here) has cleared Examplify as safe for use, then we will let you know. In summary, do not upgrade to Mac OS 11 just yet. 

How to temporarily stop the Big Sur update of any Mac OS update.

Official Statement from Examsoft (11/10/2020)

Dear ExamSoft User,

 Apple announced the release of a new line of Mac computers that utilizes their new M1 microchip technology. This new hardware represents a significant shift in the core technology. These devices will be available from Apple starting next week.

Examplify for Mac currently only works on Mac devices with Intel processors. Exam-takers should NOT upgrade to a new Mac device utilizing the new M1 microchip until a supported version of Examplify is released to ensure the continued ability to use the application.

Due to the complexity of the development and testing required to support this new hardware, we do not currently have an expected release date. We do not expect an update to Examplify for Mac that will support these new devices to be available by the end of the year.

Please make every effort to communicate this information to your exam-takers to ensure that they are able to continue testing without issue.

As updates become available, we will amend our Minimum System Requirements and send announcements via email.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your ExamSoft contact.


The ExamSoft Team