For Windows computers, you have EsWinsr utility to help you switch back to your normal desktop profile settings, but for Mac computers, it is a little different. If your background just shows Examsoft background picture, but your desktop icons and/or shortcuts on your Mac desktop are present and working correctly, then you may just need to change your background back to what you had before. However, if your icons and/or shortcuts are missing with just the "Examsoft" logo in the background, then do the following fix provided by Examsoft Support.

Your Apple Finder should still be working so open up a Terminal window by:

- Pressing command key and space bar together to initiate the search function
- Type in "Terminal," then run the Terminal app


Go to the Finder Menu at the top and select Applications
Then go to the Utilities folder
Then run Terminal app

Note: click on the picture for larger view.

Once you are in the terminal window you can copy and paste the command below in its entirety to your terminal window:

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool YES
killall Finder
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO
defaults delete mcx-expose-disabled
killall Dock
defaults write type png
cd /Library/Caches
rm /Library/Caches/

Once you've copy and pasted the command above, press the Enter key to initiate the restoration process of your previous Mac OS desktop settings. 

Warning: Your background back may still be set to "Examsoft" picture background so you may have to change that back to your old background picture.