For Windows computers, you have EsWinsr utility to help you switch back to your normal desktop profile settings, but for Mac computers, it is a little different. If your background just shows Examsoft background picture, but your desktop icons and/or shortcuts on your Mac desktop are present and working correctly, then you may just need to change your background back to what you had before. However, if you icons and/or shortcuts are missing along with the "Examsoft" picture background, then do the following below:

Note: click on the picture for larger view.
Your Apple Finder should still be working so open up a Terminal window by:

- Pressing command key and space bar together to initiate the search function
- Type in "Terminal," then run the Terminal app


Go to the Finder Menu at the top and select Applications
Then go to the Utilities folder
Then run Terminal app

Once you are in the terminal window you can copy and paste the command below in its entirety to your terminal window :

defaults write CreateDesktop -bool YES
killall Finder
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO
defaults delete mcx-expose-disabled
killall Dock
defaults write type png
cd /Library/Caches
rm /Library/Caches/

Once you've copy and pasted the command above, press the Enter key to initiate the restoration process of your previous Mac OS desktop settings. 

Warning: Your background back may still be set to "Examsoft" picture background so you may have to change that back to your old background picture.