Office 365 EDU program offers students a way to use Microsoft Office products while you are enrolled at Santa Clara University. Your SCU email address will unlock this benefit. However, if you are switching between other EDU accounts, then you may run into this issue.

For example, Millie Y. Banks is transferring from Some University to Santa Clara University. His old email address was assigned as Now, a proud Bronco, he is assigned a new SCU email address, When they open an Office product like Word and attempts to sign-in with his SCU email address, he gets this error message.

How to fix this issue
1. Sign out all Office 365 EDU applicationsFrom any Office 365 EDU application (Word, Powerpoint, etc.) Click on the "Sign Out" in the drop-down menu
2. Clear out any Windows credentials related to Office 365 EDU
  • In your  Windows desktop, enter Credential Manager in the "Type here to search" field to run the Credential manager in your Windows Control Manager.
  • Click on Manage Credential Manager in your search results to run the Credential Manager.
  • Click on Windows Credentials.
  • Search for any credentials associated to Office 365 and click "Remove."
3. Disconnect any connects associated with Office 365 EDU
  • In your Windows desktop, enter Settings in the "Type here to search" field.
  • Click on Settings in your search result to run the Settings.
  • Select Accounts.
  • Select Work or school account.
  • Disconnect to any account associate with email associated with Office 365 (select Yes if prompted to disconnect).
4. Sign back into Office EDU 365 EDUOpen any Office 365 EDU app and then select Sign in in the top right corner.

When prompted, enter your SCU email address.*

*NOTE: Before attempting this sign in process, make sure your created an Office 365 EDU account under your SCU email address. If not, review this Ofice 365 EDU FAQ first before attempting to sign back in