For Faculty and staff that need a service request for a Copier-Printer located in their department suite or on their floor, then follow the instructions included in this tutorial. Please note that all Copier-Printers on campus are managed by SCU Facilities and the copier-printer contractor, MRC Xerox.

What types of service requests can you request?

- Install the printer driver on your computer to print to your assigned copier-printer
- Fix malfunctioning copier-printer
- Fix any broken accessories, i.e. stapler, bins, etc.

Review the video below at your convenience to learn how to make a Copier-Printer service request.

STEP ONE: Make a note on which copier-printer that you will be requesting service for and/or seek help with the department admin in charge of the copier-printer in your department suite or floor. Each copier-printer does have instructions posted on how to email or call MRC Xerox and/or facilities for service requests. However, if you opt to create a ticket via, then proceed to step two.
STEP TWO: Visit lawhelpdesk site and create a ticket as follows
2a: Visit
2b: Create a new ticket
2c: Fill out relevant information and submit the ticket and pay special attention to the area marked below. Make sure to select the printer location so we can include that information to MRC Xerox.

STEP THREE: An automated reply will be sent to your SCU email address.
3a: This email will acknowledge we have gotten your request
3b: We'll forward your request TO: and CC: 
3c: Since we'll include your name and contact information. MRC Xerox and/or Facilities will follow up with you directly.