UPDATE 2022:

If you have an 12th Generation Intel Arm-based processor running Windows operating system 10 to Windows 11 21H1 or 21H2, then you will need to install Examplify version 2.9.4

Examsoft download link to Examplify 2.9.4 for Windows

Problem: Examplify is giving an error stating minimum system requirements not met as Examplify does not work on an Arm processor but the computer has an Intel processor reported by the OS.

The operating system is not able to get the device information (System information is blank or gives an error) and hence Examplify is not able to check the Minimum System Requirements. Before you attempt any commands below. Always backup all data. Also, check with support@examsoft.com if they have a different fix.

Possible solution:
  • Run Command Prompt as an administrator
  • Run the following commands : 
    • net  stop  winmgmt     (stop the WMI Service) 
    • Respond in the affirmative to the warning message about stopping the: Security Center and IP Helper
    • winmgmt   /resetrepository    (it will report the WMI repository has been reset)
    • net   start   winmgmt              (it may report the WMI Service is already started - that's okay) 
    • exit        (closes the Command Prompt Window) 
  • Check System Information (It might take a few minutes to refresh)
  • Restart the System to restart other stopped services