VPN access is currently setup for SCU Faculty and staff only.

For faculty and staff, read this first to find out more about connecting to SCU resources via VPN.

To Download the VPN client,

  1. Go to https://vpn.scu.edu
  2. Use your SCU Network ID (SCU GMAIL w/o "@scu.edu") and current password (same as MySCU portal or Gmail)
  3. Download the client for your OS

Also, visit SCU's online guide on working remotely

You will need the DUO app on your phone because VPN requires dual factor authentication

The methods of authentication are:

1) Phone callback
2) Push to Duo app on your registered mobile phone
3) Passcode generated by Duo
4) Passcode generate by the keyfob provided to you by SCU IT

Most users have at least use two methods with passcode generator being one of them as the default. 

If you have the Duo app on your phone and opt to use the passcode method, you can open the Duo app and get a passcode generated. Once you get that passcode, you go back to the vpn login page and enter the password, separated by a comma, and the DUO generated passcode. See example below.

juser has a MySCU password that is 5ch1tshSh03 and then passcode generated by Duo app is 919 456

PASSWORD: 5ch1tshSh03,919456 
(the comma tells the VPN client that a passcode is being passed along with the MySCU password)

Windows 10 VPN install demo
Mac OS VPN install demo

For those departments that have shared network drives, University IT has a resource guide on how to map networking drives after you have connect to the campus network via VPN.

1. Log into the network drive mapping page to see what specific mappings are associated with your account

2. Follow University IT's network drive mapping instructions on how to map network drives for Windows 10 or Mac OS.