Office 365 EDU is available to SCU faculty, staff and currently enrolled students.

NOTE: When signing up for your free subscription to Microsoft Office 365, you must create your account using your SCU email address. Microsoft Office 365 (SCU Licensed version) is only available to SCU faculty, staff, and currently enrolled SCU students. You can follow our FAQ about installing Microsoft Office 365.

Interested? Please read on by clicking on the web link below.

Get your Student & Teachers version of Microsoft office 360

VERY IMPORTANT (for SCU Alumni and new graduates): Once you have graduated from Santa Clara University, Microsoft Office 365 (SCU Licensed version) will not be supported by Microsoft, Santa Clara Law Technology, and/or Santa Clara University. In order to have a fully supported copy of Microsoft Office or Office 365, you will have to purchase a subscription from Microsoft. You will need to back up your office documents first, and then uninstall ( Windows version or Mac version ) Office 365 before you purchase and install your personal copy of Office 365 and/or Microsoft Office 2016 (or later). Office 365 will start to degrade its features 30-days after your graduation date.

Uninstall instructions: Windows version or Mac version