Emery is the Law School's intranet site. A couple of weeks before Law School orientation, Law Technology will create accounts for all incoming first year and/or transfer students. So how do you know if you can access Emery?
 NOVEMBER 2020 UPDATE: Have you seen the latest changes to Emery.scu.edu? Check them out.

Review the short demo of how to verify and access Emery or continue with instructions below.

  • First, make sure you are logged into your SCU gmail inbox. Open any web browser, go to MySCU portal login page, https://www.scu.edu/login
  • Enter your SCU Network User ID (SCU Gmail address minus "@scu.edu" )
  • Enter your SCU Network User password (same as your SCU Gmail email password)
  • Select "G SUITE" tile icon. Now you are in your Gmail inbox.

Next, open another web browser tab and visit https://emery.scu.edu

If prompted to associate a google account with our Emery site, then click on "Sign in with Google" and select your email (e.g. RBGinsburg@scu.edu).
It should redirect you to your Emery start page.

If it doesn't re-direct you to your Emery landing page, then send an email to lawhelpdesk@scu.edu (or create a ticket on lawhelpdesk.scu.edu ) and make sure you provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • SCU Email Address
  • SCU Access ID or 11-digit ID number

During normal business hours, you will get an email notifying you that your emery account is now activated. You will to follow the instructions in that follow-up email. If your email is received after business hours and/or on the weekends, your notification will come the next business day.